Why Choose Foam Insulation?

Greatly Improve Heating and Cooling Costs:

Air infiltration can account for 40% or more of a home’s cooling or heating cost according to the US Department of Energy. Air can escape your home through the top plate, duct registers, lighting fixtures, exhaust vent fans, attic hatches, soffit openings, empty wall spaces and insulation gaps. Spray foam is becoming the normal choice nationwide for builders and homeowners to combat the energy robbing air leaks in a typical home. Spray foam can save you upwards of 50% on your energy bill by sealing it in.

Stop Air Leakage:

Spray foam effectively seals these leaks and creates a tight energy-efficient thermal envelope. Our spray foam fills in the cracks and crevices by expanding 120 times it’s sprayed on mass addressing the infiltration issues and convection air movement in the empty spaces of a typically insulated home.

Higher R-Value Ratings:

Spray foam has a uniquely high R-Value per square inch of approximately 3.7. In insulation terms, the R-Value is the measure of heat resistance or heat flow in the building and construction industry. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating power! Typically in Florida most builders or homeowners request at least an R-30 or R-38 in attic spaces using fiberglass or cellulose insulation. Spray foam achieves the same at only an R-20 or 5 ½” of applied material vs. 10 ½” to 12 ½” of fiberglass or cellulose.

The Complete Environmentally Friendly Insulation Solution:

Spray foam addresses all 6 types of heat loss: conduction, convection, radiation, infiltration, intrusion and moisture accumulation. Spray foam is environmentally friendly since it contains no formaldehyde or other ozone depleting chemicals. Spray foam takes less energy to produce than other insulation types; therefore, saving energy not only in the production process, but saving you energy costs in your heating and cooling reducing your own carbon footprint. Spray foam can also improve the indoor air quality of your home. It keeps the outside air pollutants and allergens along with dust from entering your home. It also makes the attic space a semi-controlled space keeping your attic temperature about 10° – 15° above or below the ambient temperature of the house in the summer time and winter time.

Conventional & AirTight Insulated Home

Spray Foam Improves the Buildings Envelope:

The building envelope is a total system of construction materials and design components that control the temperature, movement of air, and moisture both into and out of the building. A building’s insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier all need to work together to achieve a more stable, comfortable and healthier indoor environment. Many new materials and design practices are being implemented to extend the sustainable service life of buildings and homes.

Build it Tight, Ventilate Right.

Ventilating the Attic and the Crawl Spaces has long been the traditional and code required method of home design and building. However, ventilation of these spaces was required because standard materials and building design practices were not capable of addressing radiant heat transfer, condensation, and the results of “stack-effect issues.”
In order to address heat transfer form weather issues, utilities, and the formation of moisture due to condensation and air infiltration, the only option was to ventilate the attics and crawl spaces. The major problem with ventilating these spaces is that the air brings moisture, pollution and other adverse problems and challenges with it. Furthermore, the vents to allow it in create voids in the building for insects and rodents to enter, and all our nice conditioned air that escapes, or is pulled from the living spaces to exit.

Spray Foam Improves the Buildings Envelope

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Energy Bill Savings
  • Quieter Home
  • Healthier Home

Flagler Foam Insulation: Energy Efficient
Creating an air barrier with spray foam is the smart solution for those concerned about energy efficiency or those tired of their cooling systems not keeping pace with the summer heat.

A spray foam homes energy costs 30-50% less than your average home. Not only that, you feel more comfortable during the long Florida summer!

  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Maintained low moisture/humidity levels, despite extreme outdoor levels.
  • A reduction in HVAC space conditioning loads of 30% to 50% and a similar reduction in energy costs by installing spray foam rather than fiberglass insulation.
  • With spray foam, your HVAC system does not have to work as hard or as much, therefore increasing the life span of your system.
  • Spray Foam Insulation takes the place of fiberglass, tape, foam & caulking, and eliminates the labor intensive work associated with air-tightness detailing when insulating with conventional insulation products.

Foam Insulation Means A Quieter Home

Spray foam is ideal for reducing airborne noises around the home. Spray foam expands to seal gaps and holes through which airborne sound moves within a home. Spray foam reduces airborne sound from outside (cars, trucks or wind) as well as indoor sounds (ex. from home theaters and playrooms). Helps control sound from plumbing caused by showers and toilet flushing. As an effective air seal, spray foam eliminates the air gaps through which sound travels and is superior in controlling mid-range frequencies, which include the most common sounds, the human voice and stereo music.

If you live near a busy street or an airport, you know all about airborne sounds – the unwanted noises that can invade your living space, hindering your comfort and enjoyment. Spray foam insulation is an effective barrier to airborne sounds. Its superior fit makes it an ideal sound proofing system, reducing airborne sound transfer through the roof, floor and walls. Outside noises such as road noise, road traffic, aircraft and trains stay outside. Inside, there are far fewer complaints about next door or next door noises.

Health Benefits of Foam Insulation

Did you know that the air outside is the air in your attic? And the air in your attic is the air in your home. If you are sensitive to allergens and pollutants, then spray foam is the product for you. Creating a sealed attic assembly seals out what you are allergic to.

For a healthy home, choosing the right insulation is critical. Whether a member of your family is sensitive to hay fever, pollution, mold or even noise pollution, you must be sure that the insulation you decide on will help your family for years to come. Flagler Foam Insulation offers only the best insulation products for a wide range of applications. We will guide you through the process of picking the right insulation formula for your needs.